This Privacy Policy applies to the website, related mobi-sites and software applications that can be accessed on (the “Website”).

This Website is operated and wholly owned by EPPC LTD (“we” or “us”), who duly respects the privacy of any person accessing and/or making use of this Website (“you” the “User”).

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to delineate how, why and when we use your Personal Information. By accessing and using this Website, you agree to your Personal Information being processed as set out herein.

Data Collection

We strive at all times to collect Personal Information in a transparent, reasonable, purpose-specific and non-excessive way to most effectively render our service to you.

The use of the enquiry forms on this Website, may require you to submit some or all of the below Personal Information for the purpose specific to the form:
• Name and surname;
• Company;
• Telephone number;
• Email address.

When accessing the Website, certain User characteristics and behaviours are logged by online identifiers for analytic purposes. These statistics do not include your Personal Information and cannot be linked to you in any way.

Such statistics may include:
• Source from which you entered the Website;
• Which Website pages you viewed and how long you stayed on each;
• Your age bracket and gender;
• The device, operating system and browser you are using;
• Your geographical location at the time of accessing the Website.

This Website does not make use of cookies or any other third-party tracking technologies outside of those described above.

Data Use

Where it is necessary to collect your Personal Information on this Website, we will disclose the purpose for this collection and endeavour to process your Personal Information for this purpose alone. Your Personal Information will not be used for any other purpose without your permission.

Reasons for which your Personal Information may be processed include:
• To communicate feedback on your enquiry;
• For quotation and/or invoicing purposes;
• Verifying your identity when entering a contract with you;
• To comply with legal or regulatory obligations such as for tax or auditing purposes.

Data Storage

By accessing and using this Website, you consent for us to retain your Personal Information only for the duration necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected.

Such storage purposes may include:
• To conclude a transaction such as the sale of a product or delivery of a service;
• As may be required by legislation governing related industries;
• When necessary to uphold a contract between you and us;
• Where you have consented for us to store your Personal Information until and subject to your request for it to be removed.

Data Security

We undertake to implement every reasonable technical and organisational measure to responsibly secure the integrity and protect the confidentiality of all Personal Information in our possession.

Such measures include the following policies, controls and procedures:
• Physical, technical and network security;
• Access controls and monitoring such access;
• Encryption of Personal Information being stored;
• Implementing written confidentiality obligations with any party requiring access to Personal Information as part of their service rendering to us.

Data Sharing

We do not share your Personal Information with any third party unless required by law. Where it is necessary to make your Personal Information available, we ensure that such is done in accordance with all relevant legislation.

Access to your Personal Information is limited to:
• Our employees and/or contracted third-party service providers, for the purpose of assisting in the sale of a product, service or conclusion of a contract;
• Any law enforcement, government officials, fraud detection agencies and/or third parties authorised to investigate suspected illegal activity;
• Our suppliers and/or their sales representatives, in order for them to liaise directly with you regarding any product purchased or service rendered which may require their involvement.

Your Rights

Should you have previously consented for us to collect, process and/or store your Personal Information, we respect your right to withdraw this consent at any time.

Subject to any legislative and/or internal retention policy, we honour your rights and endeavour to timeously action any request to:
• Access, delete or amend your Personal Information;
• Request a record or description of the Personal Information in our possession;
• Opt-out from any direct marketing communications;
• Provide reasonable evidence of our compliance with all obligations set out herein.

Should you suspect a breach of any term defined in this Privacy Policy, we request that such is brought to our attention for investigation. Notwithstanding the outcome of any such investigation, you retain the right to submit a complaint to the Information Regulator.