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Katila Araújo Angola/Portugal

Finding a house in a foreign country is always, to say the least, a challenging task; and in a city such as London this task is particularly daunting. This impression has rapidly changed once I met Sandy, who was referred to me by a friend. Immediately after meeting Sandy I cleared out all my initial worries; I was confident that my case was in good hands. In effect, a few days afterwards she found me the perfect match between location and comfort. I was highly impressed by her effort to secure an affordable value for the house. I can tell that she carefully listened to my initial concerns and she bargained effectively for a good value. Her diligence did not end there: she has always been available and ready to give me a hand in overcoming the difficulties of moving to a new country She went out of her way helping me to get acquainted with my future neighborhood. It is worth noting that she took me on my first trip to a grocery store. Also she helped me to find me a suitable school for my children, which is something to be highly appreciated towards. I am very grateful to Sandy for making the transition to my new life in London a lot easier. Thank you.