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Ioannou Theodoulou Ltd Accountants and Auditors, Cyprus

EPPC Ltd has offered us a complete range of services in the field of real estate by acting on behalf of our company and finding for us the best suitable apartment. The price rate has been also negotiated to fit our expectations and work for our benefits.
During our business communication with the members and officers of EPPC Ltd, we have established a trustworthy working relationship with EPPC Ltd due to the best services they have provided us with, the best prices we have mutually negotiated for and the best and the fastest results we have reached when working with EPPC Ltd. All the officers of EPPC Ltd have an extensive experience in the fields they are practicing which is proved by the professional guidance, advice and prompt and kind assistance in all matters that are provided by their team of qualified employees. We strongly believe that EPPC Ltd has established a great reputation of a very high professional standard firm within both, Nicosia, Cyprus and International Markets, and will, we trust, experience a substantial growth over the years. We appreciate the opportunity to be in co-operation with a firm like EPPC Ltd.